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teen accused of trying to rob credit union

(WIVB) A 14 year old boy and a 29 year old man, both of Buffalo, are accused of trying to rob the Sweethome Federal Credit Union.

An employee followed the would be robber out and watched him get into a parked car on Sweethome Road. Police caught up to the duo on Berehaven Drive, where they had abandoned their getaway car.

Demonz Guice is charged with attempted robbery, conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a minor. The 14 year old boy will be petitioned to Family Court.

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Just say it

In 1981, Steve Schneider, then a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., was faced with what he refers to as a job crisis. He was offered a job as weekend meteorologist at a station in New York City, a position that would have brought him the kind of fame and fortune that can otherwise elude the hardworking American scientist.

Schneider, who is now a Stanford professor in interdisciplinary environmental studies and biological sciences, and a 1992 MacArthur Foundation fellow, says he made a couple of requests during his station interview. Instead of describing the weather to viewers sun breaks he wanted to deliver forecasts, which reflect the uncertainty inherent in any forecast and the odds that any given event will occur. Schneider also wanted to discuss the daily weather in the context of global climate, as well as human activity, such as pollution.

Station managers weren impressed. were interested in the idea of probabilistic forecasts, but the news consultants hadn told them that how to make money, Schneider says. As for including climate change and human influences on weather, Schneider was told: chief meteorologist doesn believe in that. I said, doesn know what he talking about. That was the end of the interview.

Twenty five years later, the debate over global warming is over. as Schneider puts it, cooperating with theory. Now that the data are falling into place, and scientists have affirmed humans impact on climate, is the weather report poised for a 21st century makeover? Most Americans get their information about the weather and climate from TV meteorologists, who in turn provide forecasts to local newspapers. So the weather report would be a fitting, if not exclusive, place to inform the global warming discussion. The long term implications are also intriguing. Historically, weather forecasters have been segregated from issues of policy and human behavior, which are considered the rightful province of the news reporting staff. Global warming, however, may be the trigger that finally brings the weatherman in from the cold.

newscast has a built in section devoted to weather, says Robert Thompson, director of the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University. is ripe for discussion of bigger issues.

Interviews with broadcast meteorologists from around the country suggest that climate change is a hot topic in the newsroom. Weather reporters have come a long way from the 1970s, when they were hired for their looks and handed jokey scripts (David Letterman was a weatherman). Today, most forecasters have degrees in meteorology or a related science. In fact, because weather forecasters are often the only reporters in the newsroom with science backgrounds, they are well positioned to report on global warming, if not explain all the complexities of climate science. not like there a Grand Canyon separating meteorologists and climatologists, says Anthony Socci, a senior policy fellow at the American Meteorological Society in Boston. share the same skill set.

But rescripting the classic weather forecast is no easy task. As media critic Neil Postman has pointed out, the happy go lucky weather report has always contained the seeds of a conservative agenda. Consider air quality alerts, which show up in the weather (not news) report as natural adjuncts to rain or shine, purely meteorological events devoid of social consequence or responsibility. Driven by ratings, station heads are reluctant to deviate from the standard three minute forecast, much less air content that might alienate the broadest possible audience, and cause them to change the channel.

last thing any station wants is an activist weatherman, says Matthew Felling, media director for the Center for Media and Public Affairs, a Washington research group. Would CNN interview health correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to talk only about heart disease? Felling asks. he talks about the possible causes, the links, he says. since Sept. 11, we been inundated with the importance of connecting the dots. But weathermen are asked to live in a vacuum.

Meteorologists, of course, are a heterogeneous crew, with diverse talents, career goals and political inclinations. But in a country where climate change is considered the province of politicians and talking heads not scientists all forecasters,
replica ray bans regardless of interest, are inevitably the last people on the set consulted on global warming coverage.

is very difficult for us to report on climate change issues, says John Toohey Morales, chief meteorologist at WSCV, an NBC Telemundo station in Miami. ask, but the news directors are not inclined to do it, or they put it in on a weekend news report with the lowest ratings. Political reporters present global warming as a debatable issue, says Toohey Morales, who is also American Meteorological Society commissioner for professional affairs. tough for meteorologists to compete against the misinformation campaign.

Last year, MJ McDermott, chief meteorologist for KCPQ 13, a Fox affiliate in Seattle, pitched her news director a story about global warming in the Northwest, an idea triggered by a class she had taken at the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group, a program that helps translate local climate information for the public. pitched it a couple of times, and the director said, yeah, and it never happened, says McDermott. It wasn until the Seattle Times published a report on the subject months later that the station decided to have a news reporter cover the issue.

could have been ahead of everybody, says McDermott, who once, on air, held up an article about global warming, only to receive angry e mails in response. it not news until it news until some report comes out, or until the White House is looking into it. And that hasn happened since Clinton.

Responding to concerns about media coverage of science, the American Meteorological Society has launched an initiative aimed at promoting TV weather forecasters to the position of scientist, and equipping them to cover a broad range of science topics in addition to tomorrow weather. Experts emphasize there is no way to connect a specific local weather event to global warming. But there are plenty of opportunities for broadcast meteorologists to raise public awareness, they say.

how I would use that pulpit, says Schneider, citing as an example the record drought in Phoenix, which ended March 11 after 143 days. would say: of drought and flood are the kind of events we are expected to have because of climate change, but we just don know in any single case. Humans don make the weather, but we are changing the forces that contribute to the weather.

Philip Mote, director of the Climate Impacts Group, says one of the biggest factors in a seasonal forecast is El Ni a large scale weather pattern that results from warming ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean area. In the Northwest, El Ni events generally lead to warmer and drier winter weather. Over the past several years, there hasn been much El Ni activity, Mote said, and yet seven out of the past 10 winters in the Northwest have been substantially warmer than usual.

the main skill for a forecaster is to say, it getting warmer, Mote says. station has the option of ignoring the question of global warming or dealing with a scientifically sound answer.

fake ray bans television meteorologists say they are interested in playing a more active reporting role on climate change issues. But in a newsroom dominated by ratings and tightly scripted formats, breaking the mold can be an overwhelming challenge.

have a burden to educate the public about climate change, says Phil Ferro, chief meteorologist for WSVN, a Fox affiliate in Miami. the TV industry is so competitive, he says. constraints keep me from discussing it, even here in Miami, where folks are seeing the effects of global warming with the hurricanes. Television consultants preach a news mantra, Ferro adds. local news stations sound alike and look alike. If you don focus on your backyard, people tune in somewhere else.

Other forecasters say climate change is simply too complicated and too controversial to discuss in the context of a local forecast. stay away from global warming; I won touch it, says Bill Bellis, chief meteorologist at KNXV, an ABC affiliate in Phoenix.

say the world is going to get one degree warmer; what the hell is that going to do? asks Bellis, who had to postpone his original interview with Salon when drought breaking rains continued to fall. can link the drought to global warming because then people say, what about last year, we had record rainfall? Global temperatures are rising, but it not affecting the local aspect, and people get really touchy if you bring it up. Wait until we break 120 degrees consistently, then I say my god on TV.

Viewer feedback runs against global warming coverage, says Shannon Richards, KNXV weather producer. did a story on Mount Kilimanjaro, and people wrote in saying we not covering the fact that the ice melting will help some creatures or vegetation, she says. of the negative e mail, we hesitant to do more on the air. We hate to run things that turn off viewers.

Then there are the contrarian meteorologists a minority, but not an uncommon breed in the newsroom. science is not definitive to make the connection between observed weather and human activity, says Gene Norman, chief meteorologist for WGCL TV, a CBS affiliate in Atlanta. earth is three quarters water and one quarter land. It hard for me to believe humans are making that much of a difference in global climate change. Should forecasters help educate the public about global warming? a tricky question; it speaks to advocating a certain public policy, Norman says. January 2006 was warm, he says. But February was cooler than usual. heating bills went up, he says. think all of us in meteorology have to educate ourselves on what is fact and what is fiction.

As local and network news stations grapple with their approach to global warming coverage, selected media outlets are moving forward. Chad Myers, CNN weather anchor, said he had nothing to contribute about climate change, and declined to be interviewed. But the Weather Channel, the enormously popular 24 hour cable channel, is aggressively pursuing climate reporting as a niche market. Until a few years ago, Heidi Cullen was a research scientist at Boulder National Center for Atmospheric Research awesome gig, with steady funding, she says. Then the Weather Channel called with an offer Cullen couldn refuse: a newly created position as in house climate expert. was a fluke, she laughs. of my friends don have a TV and I never even watched the Weather Channel. But the former engineer was intrigued. felt the need to be practical, to communicate to a broader audience, she says.

Through the Weather Channel Earth series, Cullen has reported
cheap ray bans on climate change and the Inuit Eskimos in Alaska, melting glaciers in Greenland and the drought in Arizona. consider it my job to link weather and climate, she says. more long term we can link the two, the better off we will be.

goal is to be the go to source for factual, scientific information on the topic of climate change, says Ray Ban, the Weather Channel executive vice president. we do our job, more attention will be drawn to the topic. It the best way to educate the American people. Last December, the Weather Channel issued a position statement on global warming, affirming the scientific consensus that human activity affects the climate. This fall, the network will launch a new weekly program dedicated solely to climate issues.

Even at the networks, there are signs of institutional change. Echoing the accounts of other meteorologists, Pete Bouchard at WHDH TV, an NBC affiliate in Boston, says he pitched several stories on climate change, only to be shot down by news directors. it doesn bleed, it doesn lead, he says. Recently promoted to the position of chief meteorologist, Bouchard is now advocating for a weekly segment on technology and science, a show that would cover everything from global warming to solar technologies. The program supports the AMS station scientist concept, he says.

like to be the clearinghouse for information on climate change and other issues, Bouchard says. warming is the biggest single challenge for our children generation, and it is the role of the meteorologist to guide the public through it. The challenge, he points out, will be taking the reins from news reporters, who currently lay claim to anything not covered by a standard weather forecast. about branding, he says. it will have to be something like Weekly Science and Tech Exclusive.

Rain today, sun breaks tomorrow for most people, the weather is still something that comes
discount ray bans before or after the sports. Still, programs such as Bouchard may usher in a new era of weather reporting as the nexus where nature and humankind meet. After all, there no turning back. isn certain we are going to have serious global warming, Schneider says. we have started to load the climate dice.Articles Connexes:

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From Phil Burgess and the NHRA Insider

DRY HOPS IN HEAVEN(Originally published July 7, 2008)Buster Couch looks over as the Funny Car approaches the staging beams and winks at the new arrival, a tousled haired kid with a lead foot whom he has known since the lad
cheap ray bans was in diapers. Scott Kalitta moves forward
replica ray ban sunglasses as longtime Kalitta crewmember Doug Dragoo peeks in to check the oil pressure. There’s a mini Hot Rod magazine reunion on the starting line as Ray Brock and Robert Petersen shoot the breeze, with fellow early NHRA stalwart Ak Miller chiming in to share his memories of the good old days. They’re all wondering the same thing: Where’s Wally?In the tower, Buster’s wife, Ann, enters Kalitta’s info into the race computer under the watchful eye of Competition Director Jack Hart. In the media center, Ed Dykes does the same for his online reports. In heaven, everyone has a high speed connection. John Raffa and Ed Sarkisian are covering the day’s action for DRAGSTER, rubbing shoulders with Stevie Collison and Shav Glick. As Kalitta steps away from the camera, he’s greeted warmly by Wally and Barbara Parks. "Hi, champ," Wally meets him with a hug. of course, Mickey is just itchin’ to be in charge of the whole day’s program. John Buttera and Nye Frank are sitting in the corner doodling designs for "the next big thing," and every few seconds, one of them says something like, "Wait, I’ve got an even better idea!" Meanwhile, "Cheating Chico" Breschini is huddled in a corner with "Sneaky Pete" Robinson discussing who knows what, and Lou Baney is out trying to cut deals with the racers, trying to match sponsors and drivers and owners.(Above) Pisano and Matsubara, reunited. (Below) Sush and "Wild Willie.""Jungle" is prowling the fiberglass forest trying to coax his fellow flopper foes into a high dollar burnout contest, and the only takers seem to be "Mr. Sit Low," Patty Foster, who has the Barry Setzer Vega with him, and Al Hofmann. Down the row are the groovy ‘Stangs of Lew Arrington and Dodger Glenn, Larry Fullerton, and Dick Custy, and down past Sam Harris and a line of his Chaparral trailers, Texans "Big Mike" Burkhart and "Flash Gordon" Mineo, Kosty Ivanof, Bruce Sarver, Ray Higley, Gary Hazen, Tony McCallum, Larry Ladue, "Nitro Nick" Harmon, Ray Romund, Steve Bovan, Carl Swanson, Joe Winters, Joe Clement, Billy Grooms, Les Cassidy, Billy Holt, and "the world’s fastest hippie," Mike Mitchell, are in flip top heaven. Joe Pisano is reunited with Sush Matsubara, tuning the prettiest car on the grounds with the help of his brother, Carmen, and longtime team wrench Gary Slusser. The Bell Boys, brothers Dick and Charlie, and "the Idaho Kid," Jett Field, are also there when up walks Doug Moody on two strong legs. Off in the corner of the pits, Creedence is blasting "Bad Moon Rising" as Mickey Winters and Chuck Phelps put the screws to their howling fast machine. are again having the dual plane vs. single plane manifold discussion while Hurst PR honcho Jack Duffy is working with Lenco founder Leonard Abbot on a new way to shift gears. Chevy front runner Lee Shepherd is standing coolly by, taking it
fake ray bans all in from behind his Ray Bans, chatting with partner Buddy Morrison and Bowtie brother Paul Blevins. Ronnie Sox is leaning on the fender of his red, white, and blue machine giving pointers to "the
discount ray bans kid," Scott Geoffrion, while Lee Hunter, Bill Staley, and Mickey Tadlock toil on their carbs. Just down the pit lane, Dave Anderson is readying the Pollution Packer rocket car for another four second hydrogen peroxide fueled blast; "Slammin’ Sammy" Miller just looks up from his Oxygen machine and smiles; heck, he has a three second ride beneath him. Chuck Suba and the X 1, Romeo Palamides, Russell Mendez, and Ancel Horton also are prepping their machines, ready to wow the fans again and again. This is a salute to those who raced a little ahead of the rest of us to the finish line and left us too soon, by the hands of time, nature, or fate. Any omissions or oversights are not intended as slights to the amazing people who have populated our sport since its inception, and I know that before long I’ll be slapping my forehead remembering someone I forgot, but I tried to also include mostly the names that will mean something to a larger number of readers of this column.Articles Connexes:

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Lucie’s ‘road to nowhere’ is finally going somewhere

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. It was supposed to be a mega development, rivaling that of Jupiter’s Abacoa. The 3,600 acres west of I 95 between Becker Road and Gatlin Boulevard in Port St Lucie was so promising the city financially backed the development. But that never happened.

Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Research, the bio tech VGTI, and coming soon a new research hospital and Mann Research center. They are all on the taxpayer funded road, but then the sidewalk never ends, until you get four miles south to another field or pasture for sale.

However, there is good news here that will save taxpayers millions. The landowner, Southern Groves, paid their city back taxes of close to $10 million. That’s $10 million the city taxpayers won’t have to cough up. It’s also a sign the developer is getting ready to move forward with much anticipated plans.

"I would like to see a shopping mall on
cheap ray bans this side of Port St. Lucie, where everybody can come and spend their money here and
cheap ray ban outlet keep our tax dollars in St. Lucie County," said Port St. Lucie resident, Jane Rowley.

On tap? A new mall and new businesses.

"We are working hard to make things happen sooner. Especially as it relates to economic development, job creation, retail development, destination retail, a mall." said Oravec.

Resident Jane Rowley is glad not to foot the bill.

"It’s wonderful for everybody. It’s wonderful
replica ray ban sunglasses for the residents, it’s wonderful for the commercial
replica ray bans businesses and it’s great for the city of Port St. Lucie," said Rowley.Articles Connexes:

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New data from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute provides insight into cell phone use and driving distraction

BLACKSBURG, Va., July 29, 2009 Several large scale, naturalistic driving studies using sophisticated cameras and instrumentation in participants personal vehicles conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, provide a clear picture of driver distraction and cell phone use under real world driving conditions, according to the institute.

Combined, these studies continuously observed drivers for more than 6 million miles of driving.

recent catastrophic crash events
fake ray bans and disturbing trends, there is an alarming amount of misinformation and confusion regarding cell phone and texting use while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Our research findings can help begin to clear up these misconceptions as it is based on real world driving data. We conduct transportation safety research in an effort to equip the public with information that can save lives, says Tom Dingus, director of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

In the institute studies that included light vehicle drivers and truck drivers, manual manipulation of phones such as dialing and texting of the cell phone lead to a substantial increase in the risk of being involved in a safety critical event such as a crash or near crash. However, talking or listening increased risk much less for light vehicles and not at all for trucks. Text messaging on a cell phone was associated with the highest risk of all cell phone related tasks. The tasks that draw the driver eyes away from the forward roadway were those with the highest risk.

Several recent high visibility trucking and transit crashes have been directly linked to texting from a cell phone. VTTI research showed that text messaging, which had the highest risk of over 20 times worse than driving while not using a phone, also had the longest duration of eyes off road time (4.6 second over a six second interval). This equates to a driver traveling the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour without looking at the roadway. Talking/listening to a cell phone allowed drivers to maintain eyes on the road and were not associated with an increased safety risk to nearly the same degree.

Recent results from other researchers using driving simulators suggest that talking and listening is as dangerous as visually distracting cell phone tasks. The results from VTTI naturalistic driving studies clearly indicate that this is not the case. For example, talking and listening to a cell phone is not nearly as risky as driving while drunk at the legal limit of alcohol. Recent comparisons made in the literature greatly exaggerate the cell phone risk relative to the very serious effects of alcohol use, which increases the risk of a fatal crash approximately seven times that of sober driving. Using simple fatal crash and phone use statistics, if talking on cell phones was as risky as driving while drunk, the number of fatal crashes would have increased roughly 50 percent in the last decade instead of remaining largely unchanged.

These results show conclusively that a real key to significantly improving safety is keeping your eyes on the road. In contrast, intense tasks such as emotional conversations, or listening to books on tape, can have a measurable effect in the laboratory, but the actual driving risks are much lower in comparison.

Recommendations based on findings from research studiesDriving is a visual task and non driving activities that draw
discount ray bans the driver eyes away from the roadway, such as texting and dialing, should always be avoided.

Texting should be banned in moving vehicles for all drivers. As shown in findings overview, this cell phone task has the potential to create a true crash epidemic if texting type tasks continue to grow in popularity and as the generation of frequent text message senders reach driving age in large numbers.

Headset cell phone use is not substantially safer than hand held use because the primary risk is associated with both tasks is answering, dialing, and other tasks that require your eyes to be off the road. In contrast, true hands free phone use, such as voice activated systems, are less risky if they are designed well enough so the driver does not have to take their eyes off the road often or for long periods.

All cell phone use should be banned for newly licensed teen drivers. Our research has shown that teens tend to engage in cell phone tasks much more frequently and in much more risky situations than adults. Thus, our studies indicate that teens are four times more likely to get into a related crash or near crash event than their adult counterparts.

The disconnect between naturalistic and simulator researchThe institute says it is important to keep in mind that a driving simulator is not actual driving. Driving simulators engage participants in tracking tasks in a laboratory. As such, researchers that conduct simulator studies must be cautious when suggesting that conclusions based on simulator studies are applicable to actual driving.

With the introduction of naturalistic driving studies that record drivers (through continuous video and kinematic sensors) in actual driving situations, there is now a scientific method to study driver behavior in real world driving conditions in the presence of real world daily
discount ray bans pressures.

So, if the point of transportation safety research is to understand driver behavior in the real world and conflicting findings occur between naturalistic studies and simulator studies, then findings from the real world scenarios (and not the simulator world) must be considered the gold standard, according to the institute.

They go on to indicate it is also critical to note that some results of recent naturalistic driving studies, including those highlighted here as well as others are at odds with results obtained from simulator studies. Future research is necessary, says researchers, to explore the reasons why simulator studies sometimes do not reflect studies conducted in actual driving.

Dedicated to its motto, Ut Prosim (That I May
cheap ray bans Serve), Virginia Tech takes a hands on, engaging approach to education, preparing scholars to be leaders in their fields and communities. As the commonwealth’s most comprehensive university and its leading research institution, Virginia Tech offers 240 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 31,000 students and manages a research portfolio of $513 million. The university fulfills its land grant mission of transforming knowledge to practice through technological leadership and by fueling economic growth and job creation locally, regionally, and across Virginia.Articles Connexes:

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Pryor Says Obama Should Do More To Address Ebola

Sen. from three Ebola plagued West African countries and outlined other steps he said are needed to protect Americans from the deadly virus. Sen. John Boozman, R Ark., also called for a travel ban in a statement Friday. House delegation including Pryor’s re election opponent, Rep. Tom Cotton, R Dardanelle sent
discount ray bans a letter to the president asking for a similar ban.

Obama has said he opposes a travel ban because it could lead to travelers seeking to avoid screenings and thereby increase the risk of spreading the virus.

Talking to reporters in his Senate office in Little Rock, Pryor said, "I don’t think that President Obama has done enough. I think his piecemeal approach has not been helpful in some ways. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s quarantine procedures; improved sharing of information between the CDC and states; and a cabinet member designated to deal with Ebola. response to the Ebola virus.

"He doesn’t need to be in briefings and then say, ‘Well, let me go check with the White House about this,’" he said.

Dr. Nate Smith, director of the state Department of Health, and Dr. Dirk Haselow, state epidemiologist, joined Pryor for the news conference.

"We do not have any Ebola cases in the state at this time, and we don’t have anyone under investigation for Ebola," Smith said. "But since early August, we’ve been working very closely with our health care facilities, our health care providers, our emergency medical services to help prepare for the possibility."

Boozman said in a statement Friday, "We need to be proactive and establish temporary travel restrictions for people entering the United
replica ray bans States who have been to West African countries experiencing Ebola outbreaks. While the president has been resistant to this idea, the fact remains that more needs to be done to ensure public safety, and travel restrictions would be a common sense place to start."

Boozman also said he was pleased that Obama recognized the need to appoint an
cheap ray bans Ebola czar but said he was concerned that Klain has "neither a logistics background nor an understanding of infectious diseases."

Fred Brown, spokesman for the Republican
fake ray bans National Committee, said in a statement Friday that Pryor has "no credibility" on Ebola.Articles Connexes:

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What To Expect From Your Website

Use Email Newsletters to Market Your Small Business
fake Michael kors handbags outlet On The InternetTwo Top Ways to Promote With Multiple AutorespondersStarters for Start UpsSmart PR For Your Small BusinessSeven Headlines to Energize Your Ads, Sales Letters, and Web Site CopySeeing From Your
Michael Kors discounts Customer Point of ViewPublic Speaking: How to Talk Your Way to an Endless Stream of New CustomersInternet Search Engines are Getting SmarterHow To Write Your Own ArticlesWrite Sales Letters That PULLHow to Work with Charities to Promote Your Business and Help Your CommunityHow to Win Big Doing Your Own Market ResearchHow to Use TV, Radio, Magazines, and Newspapers to Promote Your Web SiteHow to Get Ahead
replica Michael Kors handbags by Using the Media to Publicize Your Service, Product, Organization, or IdeaHow to Use Talk Radio to Promote Your Business For FREE!How to Trade for AdvertisingHow to Promote Your Corporation on the InternetFor the Busy Entrepreneur: How to Promote Your Company On Line, Get Noticed, and Not Get Left Behind!How to Market Your Business On Line, For Busy Business People Who Don Have A Lot of TimeHow to Improve Your Ranking on Search
replica Michael Kors handbags
Michael Kors handbags EnginesHow to Get Your Service, Product, or Idea On TV News for FREE!How to Get Commercials that
replica Michael Kors outlet WorkSolving the No Money Marketing CrunchHow to Boost Your Small Business With Powerful Telephone TechniquesHow To Advertise Your Business or Web Site On RadioHow To Advertise Your Business or
Michael kors handbags outlet Cable TV Big Results, Low CostsHow To Advertise on TV on a Home Based BudgetGet Listed On Search Engines By Going Through The Back DoorGet Great Buys On Banner Ads And Make Them Produce ResultsFour Things You Must Do To Get Classified Ads That SELL!Five Ways To Get Web Site Sales Letters That Pull Like CrazyWhat Is Your Marketing Telling You?Creative Ways to Make Your Press Release WorkCreative MarketingHow To Correct Common Marketing MistakesSmart Ways To Use A Website With Your BusinessThree Ways To Sell AnythingRepeat Customers Key For WebDesign Postcards OnlineRegional Editions of MagazinesTrain Your
Michael Kors handbag outlet Sales PeopleSell With PostersBuild CredibilityImprove Your Ad.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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World’s 10 greatest investors

Buffett made an enormous fortune from astute investments, particularly through his company Berkshire Hathaway, of which he is the largest shareholder and CEO.

Berkshire Hathaway has about $2 billion in holdings.

With an estimated net worth of about $46 billion, the 79 year old Buffett, is often called the ‘Sage of Omaha’.

As a child, Buffett was a paper boy for the Washington Post and attempted to cover more than one route at the same time. Showing a spontaneous talent for making money, Buffett also started earning that early by collecting and selling lost golf balls.

He even started playing the stock market with one of his sisters at 11. At 12, he was betting on horses and by high school he started a business (pinball machines) with a friend, which earned him $50 a week.

Not only did he own a business by the time he graduated, he also had bought himself 40 acres of farmland in Nebraska.

Buffett was strongly influenced by economist Benjamin Graham’s theory that it is wise to look for stocks of companies which are undervalued as they will probably prosper with a little time.

Buffett started his investment company, the Buffett Partnership, at 25, using $5,000 of his own funds and collecting $100,000 from friends and family. One of the smartest moves made by Buffett’s company at that time was to invest in American Express.

In June 2006, Buffett made a commitment to give away his fortune to charity, with 85 per cent of it ($30 billion) going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Buffett’s donation was the largest act of charitable giving in the world’s history.

Click on NEXT to read further. . .


Bogle is the founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group. Under his leadership, the company grew to be the second largest mutual fund company in the world.

Bogle has won a number of accolades and served on the
Michael Kors handbags boards of various for profit and non profit organizations. He continues to be active in The Vanguard Group.

Bogle is famous for his insistence in numerous media appearances and in writing on the superiority of index funds over traditional actively managed mutual funds.

He attended
Michael Kors handbags outlet Blair Academy on a full scholarship, earned his undergraduate degree from
fake Michael kors handbags outlet Princeton University in 1951, and attended evening and weekend classes at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Kors outlet graduation, he went to work for
cheap Michael Kors outlet Walter L Morgan at Wellington Management Company.

After a distinguished career culminating with the position of chairman at Wellington, he founded Vanguard in 1974.

Bogle and his wife Eve had six children and are grandparents. They reside in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.


Lynch, an accomplished Wall Street stock investor, is often said to be one of the best stock pickers in the world. At present, he is a research consultant at Fidelity Investments.

Peter Lynch coined some popular mantras of modern investing strategies. His most famous principle is: ‘Invest in what you know,’ popularising the economic concept of ‘local knowledge.’

Before joining Fidelity as a stock analyst, Lynch served in the United States Army for a couple of
Michael Kors handbags years and studied at Boston College and at the
Michael Kors handbags outlet Wharton School of the University of Philadelphia.

He was born on January 19, 1944. Lynch was hired as an intern with Fidelity Investments in 1966. Lynch’s greatest successes occurred in a vast array of stocks, including Fannie Mae, Ford, Philip Morris, MCI, Volvo, General Electric, General Public Utilities, Student Loan Marketing, Kemper, and Loews.

The last one was written for teenagers. Lynch also wrote a series of investment articles for Worth magazine.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Couple weds atop soaring cruise ship ride

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Mark Burden and Sharron Bowman of West Yorkshire, England are
Michael Kors handbags outlet the first couple ever married in the North Star ride atop Royal
cheap Michael Kors Caribbean Quantum of the Seas.(Photo: Royal Caribbean)Talk about a cruise ship high: A British couple has become the first to be married atop the soaring North Star ride on Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum of the Seas.

Mark Burden, 45, and Sharron Bowman, 41, of West Yorkshire, England tied the knot in the ride’s glass enclosed capsule as it rose hundreds of feet above the sea off the coast of Haiti. The ship was on a voyage from its New York area home that included a
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet stop at Labadee, Haiti.

Quantum of the Seas Captain Felix Srecko served as the officiant during the ceremony.


cheap Michael Kors things to love about the new Quantum of the Seas

Modeled on the London Eye, the North Star takes passengers more than
michael kors handbags outlet 300 feet above sea level. It’s just one of several groundbreaking attractions on the 4,180 passenger vessel. Royal Caribbean’s first new ship since the 2010 debut of
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet the record size Allure of the Seas also boasts the first skydiving simulator at sea and the first bumper cars at sea.

USA TODAY Cruise reported live from Quantum’s maiden voyage in November from Southampton to New York. Click on the carousel below for our "first look" tour of the ship. For more of our coverage of Quantum’s debut, including nearly a dozen videos, follow the links at the bottom of this page.

Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, the 4,180 passenger Quantum of the Seas, arrives in New York on
Michael Kors discounts Nov. 10, 2014.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Chevy will have to play Cap’n Crunch

CHICAGO One of the dilemmas facing an NHL GM
fake Michael kors handbags outlet when all of his young players come of age, is whether he can afford to keep them all. Beginning this summer, Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will be entering this territory.

Michael Frolik, Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien are all headed towards unrestricted free agent status and will all be in position to sign extensions this summer. In Frolik case, that window is already open and he is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent next July 1. Ladd and Byfuglien will potentially be UFAs at the end of the 2015 16 season.

Mark Scheifele, Jacob Trouba, Adam Lowry and Michael Hutchinson all have contracts expiring at the end of the 2015 16 season and they will also be eligible for extensions this summer.

This group of players will be restricted free agents at the end of their current deals and as such have less leverage.

Trouba, however, could be a target for an offer sheet from an opposing franchise.

So, Cheveldayoff will want to be prudent but also protective in his strategy for this group. Vultures will be watching to see how Winnipeg flexes its financial muscles.

If Cheveldayoff
Michael Kors handbags outlet wants to have all of these players in his lineup when the 2017 18 season begins, he to have to drive smart bargains. Or determine he can afford all of these better players and shed cap much like the Chicago Blackhawks did when they said goodbye to Byfuglien, Ladd and Frolik in their own version of cap crunch.

The Jets already have $38 million on the cap split over nine contracts for the 2016 17 season. Winnipeg has 23 players totalling $64 million in cap space signed to it NHL roster today.

For argument sake, let peg the cap for the 2016 17 season at
Michael Kors discounts $75 million and use it as Cheveldayoff
cheap Michael Kors outlet budget.

It should be noted, Cheveldayoff currently operates under a budget but it near impossible to speculate those conditions at this point. Under a scenario where Cheveldayoff was given the green light to spend to the cap, he would have $37 million in cap space to sign 14 more players.

Frolik signed a one year deal worth $3.3 million last summer. He going to get a raise. Call it $4 million for starters.

Byfuglien, 29, will make $6 million next year and Ladd, 29, will earn $4.5 million. They both want raises and significant term to stay in Winnipeg.

Byfuglien is having a major impact on the ice for the Jets this season after returning to the blue line. He was named an all star and if his second half duplicates his first, he will get Norris Trophy votes.

What will his value be? If you look at comparable, all star defencemen, a conservative estimate is $7.5 million.

Ladd is Winnipeg captain and among the team most consistent goal scorers. He developed into a 25 goal man with the potential to hit 30 or more in a banner season. On the open market, Ladd could ring the bell and
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet sign with a contender. GMs all over the league covet this player. He won two Cups and understands what is required to succeed deep in the post season.

Evander Kane is Winnipeg highest paid forward at $6 million and one has to believe the bargaining for Ladd begins there.

These numbers could all be moot if any or
replica Michael Kors outlet all of these players elects
cheap Michael Kors handbags to test the market. They could all walk in free agency or force Cheveldayoff to trade them.

So before Cheveldayoff gets around to his RFAs, he likely have to commit north of $17 million to his three pending UFAs leaving him with $19.5 million to sign 11 more players.

Hutchinson, Lowry, Trouba and Scheifele will all be RFAs at the end of the 2015 16 season.

They all be line for raises and it hard to guess what the market will be for these individuals. Trouba could be a top pairing defenceman by that point and at worst Scheifele will be a No. 2 centre.

The four won eat up all of the remaining money but they take a major chunk of it. Cheveldayoff could find himself with less than $10 million remaining in cap space to fill seven more roster spots.

Cheveldayoff does have a raft of talented but young and inexpensive prospects close to coming on stream. They help ease the burden.

Can Cheveldayoff get it done? He proven to be adept at getting good value for his money.

Signing Frolik, Ladd and Byfuglien will be the biggest challenge and he
replica Michael Kors handbags can afford to overpay and be out of cash when it time to retain his draft picks and develop graduates.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes: